Sometimes all you need is a Chiropractor!

My introduction to Dr. Nickse was by accident, more like an act of God. In the search for an office to get school physicals for my two sons, I was referred through the Health Department. I was immediately impressed with his partner, Elaine, she has the wonderful gift of making you feel as if you are a member of her family. Her warmth was the fuel that enabled Dr. Nickse to work his magic!

I have been a nurse for 13 years and have worked in every venue of the nursing field including orthopedics, and I never have been too "excited" about chiropractic medicine. I was working and studying all of those years ignorant to the fact that a chiropractor is an actual doctor of medicine! I lived in the same myths and fears that most of us "educated" individuals like to believe is our "experienced opinion", after all chiropractors were doctors who failed in orthopedic medicine and decided to create their own practice to manipulate people into thinking they were professionals. (Notice the key word is "manipulate".)

"Hello, I am Dr. Nickse, come on in!" That was the beginning of the end of my ignorance! I was sitting in front of this vibrant young man who was so excited about giving my children physicals that his energy captured all of us and the warm family feeling unleashed a lesson in the truth about chiropractic medicine! As I watched his interaction with my boys, my eyes filled with tears when he showed me the difference in the length of my fourteen-year-old son's legs. One leg was a full inch longer than the other! You can imagine the pain and guilt that ran through me at the moment. Several "prominent pediatricians" told me that my son's pain was "just growing pains" and that he would be fine. Not one of them ever gave my son the type of exam or attention that he truly needed and now I know why. They weren't chiropractors! If you dedicate your life to knowing, diagnosing, and repairing the spine and the injuries that may arise during our life span, you would be a chiropractor!

My experience has been life changing and now I have become a better nurse as well as a more informed consumer because of the time that Dr. Nickse has taken with me to help me understand his medical practice, and my son is now walking with only slight deviation in length, less pain, and no headaches! Fifteen minutes a week of actual "manipulation" has given my son the chance for a healthier life and increased my feeling of being a responsible parent.



Tracy N. Nobles

My daughter first started having ear infections at the age of 8 months. In a 12 month period, she had 10 ear infections. She was on many different antibiotics, some helped a little, some did nothing at all. From mid February until July 5th, she was almost constantly on antibiotics, with only a few days in between prescriptions. We talked about putting tubes in, her pediatrician said to give her 2 more weeks then check the fluid and if it was still the same there would be no option. That was when I overheard a conversation at my chiropractor's office about children and ear problems. I started Alyssa on June 22nd by the 30th she had still had some fluid in her ear. After only 4 visits, her fluid was completely gone. She was checked by her pediatrician on the 5th of July and she said her ears were perfect! Finally!

Joann Myers

Approximately eight months ago I had my first visit with Dr. Stephen Nickse. I have had a history of migraine headaches and neck problems. What a difference the chiropractic treatments have made in my life! I seldom have migraine headaches now and when I do, they are certainly not as severe. The pains in my neck have lessened with my treatments.


Susan Layton

I can tell you as a Registered Nurse, I had not previously been an advocate of Chiropractors, but was aware of the benefit a good Chiropractic Physician could achieve. After much discussion and with some real trepidation, I sought out Dr. Nickse's services for severe cervical pain. I am so grateful I did, for after 2 treatments, my pain was gone.


Sandi Thompson, RN, COHN-S, LHRM

A few months ago, a co-worker noticed I was continually in pain and asked me if I had a medical problem. I told her about my chronic lower back pain and frequent, sever headaches. She suggested I see her chiropractor. I was very skeptical at best. She returned to work with brochures and told me her own testimonials. I knew I did not want to be on medication or even worse, faced with a medical procedure. So thinking chiropractic was the least intrusive of all my options, I called Seminole Chiropractic, Injury & Wellness Center and spoke to Elaine. After a few minutes on the phone with her, I was comfortable with the decision to explore chiropractic and knew this office was the one to try.

I committed myself to Dr. Nickse's care plan. In weeks I was feeling a difference. In months I became a believer. I started treatments with all the typical misconceptions about chiropractic care but now know the true benefits. I no longer have to wonder what a day without pain might be like. My lower back pain has all but disappeared and my headaches are much less frequent. Thank you for your exceptional care.


Shelly Warren