Dear Friends,

Welcome! I'm Dr. Stephen Nickse. I want to commend you for taking time to invest in your health. Ever since I was a young child and my mother took me to our family chiropractor for a sports injury, I have believed strongly in the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic works. I have been in practice in Pinellas County since 1996, and have successfully treated thousands of patients of all ages.

My belief is that you deserve a competent, trained physician. You must also have confidence in your physician that he/she will make appropriate referrals, if necessary. We hope to live up to your highest expectations. We also promise to communicate to you in clear, easy to understand terms what it will take to get and keep you healthy. You will quickly see the benefits of chiropractic care that I have grown up believing. Chiropractic can:

  1. Help to prevent illness and disease
  2. Allow your body to heal itself
  3. Correct spinal subluxations through gentle maneuvers (non-invasive)
  4. Help you achieve your full health potential

We welcome the opportunity to have you become a member of our practice and hope you enjoy your journey to health and vitality. Come be a part of our chiropractic family.


Dr. Nickse